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A Few Words from Mike McDaniel, Executive Director


     Mike McDanielOn behalf of Marian Moss Enterprises, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the most integrated program in existence for people with disabilities in the West Texas region.  Originally incorporated in 1977, under the leadership of Marian Moss, Lubbock Area Extended Rehabilitation Services (LAERS) was formed.  This initial beginning combined the talents of six separate agencies in the Lubbock community to identify areas of overlapping services and to work together.  As a result, a housing program was initiated in 1978, which provided residential services to fifteen people with various disabilities.  In 1983, the board of directors purchased Direct Mattress company to provide both employment opportunities for people with disabilities to create a funding mechanism for the continuation of services.  The organization was renamed in honor of Marian Moss in 1986.

     Our 100+ employees are involved in manufacturing and assembly of mattresses, box springs, pallets, and a variety of assembly and packaging jobs.  Work can be performed by groups or by individuals.  As the costs of labor rise, we can keep your contract laborMike McDaniel costs low, while still keeping quality control in mind.  More importantly, our employees are building self-esteem and skills necessary to be productive, involved members of society. 

     Please feel free to come by our offices and get to know the faces behind Marian Moss Enterprises.  As, Bill Lowell, former President of Marian Moss Enterprises first stated, "Marian Moss was the founder and the molder of the group, and it has been her strength and wisdom that it has become what it is today."  Every day we are living out her dream, and it can only get better as people like you partner with us.


Mike McDaniel

Executive Director  

Marian Moss Enterprises, Inc.


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